This report draws upon presentations and discussions that took place at a seminar held by the European Environment Agency’s (EEA’s) Scientific Committee on 17 May 2017.

Key messages from the seminar:

  • Chemical production is increasing and poses risks to ecosystems and human health
  • European legislation has reduced acute pollution, but chronic, less apparent effects persist
  • Environmental and societal megatrends are changing exposure patterns
  • Chemical risks are traditionally underestimated by science
  • Green and sustainable chemistry requires targeted innovation
  • A focus on critical parameters is more important than gathering more general data
  • Monitoring for a wider variety of chemicals can provide earlier warnings
  • Policy approaches need to be further integrated in support of sustainability objectives
  • Avoiding upstream use of persistent and hazardous chemicals is key
  • A less toxic environment requires visionary and inclusive stakeholder approaches

The EEA Scientific Committee, composed of independent scientists, assists the EEA Management Board and the Executive Director in providing advice on scientific matters.

View Report Chemicals for a sustainable future РReport of the EEA Scientific Committee Seminar

Source: EEA 

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