Heritage Week runs from 19th – 27th August 2017 providing opportunities to get outside and discover the wonders of our natural, built and cultural heritage.

Heritage Week allows us take time out with family and friends to visit wild and wonderful places, enjoy traditions and events familiar or new, and make memories that will stand the test of time.

Water Heritage Day on Sunday August 27th will provide an opportunity to celebrate water and what it means to us. We all depend on a clean and plentiful supply of water in our daily lives – it underpins our personal health and well-being and contributes immeasurably to our local and national economies.

Whilst often available in abundance across Ireland, clean, healthy water is a precious and fragile resource that needs our care and attention to protect it for present and future generations.

Many of the beautiful places in Ireland are linked with our rivers, lakes, springs and coasts.  These wild and wonderful places and the wildlife they support provide inspiration and enjoyment for young and old.  There is so much to discover about water as it moves through catchments in rivers, lakes and underground on its journey from source to sea.

On Sunday 27th August take time to explore your local stream, river, lake or beach and join others as we celebrate water during Heritage Week 2017.

The Local Authority Waters and Communities Office is collaborating with the Heritage Council in promoting Water Heritage Day 2017.  If you wish to take part or organise an event, or to get more information simply visit www.heritageweek.ie/news or www.watersandcommunities.ie to contact your local Community Water Officer.

Source: Catchments.ie