Woodfab Timber Limited processes timber for fencing, decking and packaging purposes and also produce co-products: sawdust used in wood-pellets; woodchip used in the manufacture of mdf; shavings used as animal bedding and bark for garden mulsh.

Woodfab Timber Ltd based in Aughrim, Co Wicklow. The plant has been processing timber since 1974. A strict environmental policy is maintained and the preservatives used ensure that the products are non-hazardous to the environment.

Company Name

Tinakilly, Aughrim, Co.Wicklow

Service Provider

A very worthwhile project. Savings and opportunities identified during the project have changed how we do business.

GREENPLUS Project Objectives
  • Our intention is to become certified to the ISO 14001:2015 management system.
  • Woodfab, led by David O’Connell aim to take advantage of the extensive skill base that exists within the company and working collaboratively to achieve the objectives of ISO 14001.
  • With this achieved our intention would be to expand the Integrated Management System to include certification to ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18002 management system.
Key Challenges
  • A significant challenge was that there was no structured EMS in place.
  • Up until now the required monitoring & reports were done but without this structure it was difficult to produce comparative data and act upon it.
  • Our initial aim was to carry out an initial environmental review of environmental performances and document the findings.
  • This included a study of the Aspects & Impacts and required the input from all departments to achieve this.
  • Another significant challenge to Woodfab’s operation is the increased cost of energy.
  • Woodfab’s focus in the shorter term is to try and control planning and production to improve our energy usage, with a greater focus on this area we expect to gain additional savings over time.
Key Changes
  • An Environmental System was developed and implemented and a structured approach to environment management now applies on site (ISO 14001).
  • Training needs were identified, provided and records are maintained.
  • Staff engaged at all levels via Toolbox talks and training.
  • A single provider for a Legal Register was procured and legal requirements are reviewed through a web based service Antaris.
  • Change in our energy provider for better rates.
  • Change exterior lighting and install LED lighting.
  • Install motion sensors to fluorescent lights in canteen and toilets.
  • Install waste compactor to recycle cardboard, plastic and paper waste.
  • Retain an energy consultant to examine energy usage.
  • Measured 34% waste disposal costs savings before and after recycling.
  • Measured 5% fuel savings costs for internal transport with the implementation of new eco-driving procedures.
  • Measured 4% energy savings by changing energy provider.