Who the company are

Winthrop Engineering are a Mechanical and Electrical Contracting company based in the south east of the country. First established in 1995, we have offices in Waterford, Cork, and Dublin.

What the company do

We provide a full range of installation services, Project Support Services, Project Management, Facilities Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Design & Build, Computerised Design & Drafting, Commissioning & Validation and Procurement. Project worked on Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Devices, Public works, IT Industrial and Commercial. Our roles can be as a main contractor, PSCS role or Direct works.

Company Name
Winthrop Engineering Ltd


Bay 4

Six Cross Roads Business Park





Manufacturing Excellence

LeanPlus Project Objectives
  1. Improve site productivity by introducing a new financial control software that would replace current Excel-based system, reduce non-value-adding time processing material requisitions & approving invoices.
  2. Improve site productivity through combination of productivity measurement, use of recent building material innovations and some change of work practices.
Key Challenges
  1. The apparent flexibility of the previous Excel PO system, also made it error-prone and required a considerable amount of non-value-adding “cut & paste”  activities.
  2. The company had no method of measuring site productivity until the project is complete. This makes it very difficult to assess impact of any changes/improvements.
Key Changes
  1. Implement Sage 200c Financial software with terminal access on each site by supervisors/foremen.
  2. Introduce live Excel-based Productivity Tacker for electrical Installation. Use innovative technology that reduces labour time (e.g. Rollatray, Con-Lock), identify work packages that are better suited to sub-contractors.
  1. Time to process requisitions and approve invoices on-site is reduced.
  2. Site Productivity improved by approx 8% on electrical installation work. Similiar process now to be used on Mechanical installation.

Winthrop’s Mantra

“Grow the person, grow the business”

Winthrop’s Mission Statement

“To provide our clients with high quality M and E contracting and engineering services, safely delivered by a team they can always trust and rely upon.