Wers Plastics turns Polyethylene and Polypropylene in all it’s forms into a fully high density pellet. The aim of this is to safeguard the environment and to help the future growth of the business. We supply the plastic to companies who manufacture Automotive components and drainage pipe.

Company Name
Wers Plastics

Weir Road, Tuam, Co.Galway

Service Provider
Speco Services

Our Green start project created a real awareness here of the high energy costs involved in running the plant. The right approach and assistance is bringing real and sustainable improvement into the business.

GREENSTART Project Objectives
  • Become more competitive by Implementing energy saving opportunities
  • Review of legal compliance for the business
Key Challenges
  • To offset increasing costs
  • Resources available to complete tasks
Key Changes

Training needs identified:

  • Resources allocated when ROI is within specific time period
  • Legal compliance will be reviewed regularly
  • Power factor correction installed.
  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Identify production efficiency opportunities.

The energy efficiency review measured and provided insight into running cost and costs of stand-by energy consumption for the following equipment.
The equipment was measured:

  1. Office load
  2. Granulators consumption
  3. Compressor energy consumption
  4. Picking line
  5. Extruder
  6. Baler
  7. Wash plant

The following resource efficiency projects has been completed:

  1. Compressed air losses were identified. Also the air pressure was reduced by one bar
  2. We identified and specified heat recovery for the wash plant from the extruder. This is being installed currently
  3. Production efficiency of more than 10% was achieved by working on loading sequence, machine optimisation and training

Potential Cost Savings Identified:

Compressed Air Bar Pressure: €1,900

Compressed air leaks:               €1,200

Heat recovery:                            €2,400

HDPE pellets production and sales has improved by over 20% with 10% being attributed to efficiency gains.

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness has improved. The Company now has less changeovers and breakdowns, working with mainly one product.

A high quality HDPE pellet is a commodity in demand and sells easily.  The increase in sales is mainly due to the increase in outputs.

The heat recovery from the extruder has been specified and is being installed.


Savings Achieved:

Significant savings were achieved as a result of participating in the project.  An energy saving of 29500 KWH or financial savings of €4100 per annumwas achieved through energy efficiency measures and production efficiency.