Who the company are

A Strategic System Integration Partner

Getting a solution to market requires the skillful manipulation of time, money, and resources to product the most competitive solution, as quickly as possible while maximizing revenue.  We start with scalable and reliable hardware you can trust combined with a suite of services from design engineering to system integration, logistics, regulatory and trade compliance, as well as support.  We then add a flexible engagement model buld to adapt and scale as your business grows – all designed to maximise the value of your resources, enabling growth while controlling costs.

What the Company Do

UNICOM Engineering is a leading provider of purpose-built application platforms, appliances and lifecycle deployment services for software developers and OEMs serving storage, security and communications, video and healthcare IT markets worldwide.  We are best known for our solution design technologies, integration expertise and our unique deployment capabilities.  All of our turnkey platforms and appliances are designed for longevity and backed by lifecycle management services.  We create products and business solutions that solve deployment challenges, accelerate time to market, reduce ownership costs, and increase business efficiencies.

Company Name
UNICOM Engineering Ltd


Parkmore West business Park


Co. Galway


LEAP Consultancy

LeanPlus Project Objectives

To implement the Lean principles into our Galway facility so that they could become the lead site within Unicom Engineering for innovation and improvements.

Key Challenges

Developing and sustaining the momentum internally. As many of the processes and working standards are common across all worldwide sites, getting buy-in for improvements from the other sites.

Key Changes

Yellow Belt training program has resulted in an increase in both the awareness of Lean principles but also the standard, skills and knowledge of staff within the site.


The positive impact that this has made has helped create a “ripple” effect that has spread to our sister sites in Boston and Texas.


Galway has always taken a strong leadership position when it comes to continuous improvement but this program has helped to start a cultural shift within the entire organization.


This positive mind-set change has been noticed by both key customers for the Galway site and also external ISO auditors during formal ISO certification audits.


Significant amount of time has been put in focusing the development and delivery of first a Yellow Belt and then Green Belt training programs.


Both the Yellow and Green belt programs required project based work in order to be classified as UNICOM Certified and we are seeing the benefits of these projects.


“It is clear that there is a hunger to drive improvement within the Galway facility.  One auditee stated “sure it is better, but there is still a long way to go”.  This relentless desire to improve is highly commendable and could be adopted by other Unicom facilities.”

Richard King Davis, Lead Assessor, ISO9001/ TL9000