Who the company are

Tricel is a global provider for high-performance wastewater treatment options for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Their range of products are made up for domestic and commercial wastewater treatment industry.

What the company do

Fabrication and installation of waste-water treatment systems and septic tanks.

Company Name
Tricel Ireland


Ballyspillane. Killarney, V93 X253




LBS Partners

LeanPlus Project Objectives
  • Mentor legacy projects to closure
  • Provide Yellow and White belt training and train Tricel trainer how to deliver it to future groups
  • Provide Green belt training to 12 people and complete projects
  • Implement PIT in Manufacturing and other support departments
  • Support the company on a Hoshin-Planning programme
Key Challenges
  • Tricel had just installed a new IT system across the business at the beginning of the programme and this has taken some time to bed in.
Key Changes
  • Tricel have delivered significant improvement to a number of key business metrics. This is the foundation for a Continuous Improvement (CI) culture in the company where key employees will be working on delivering CI projects as part of their day-to-day activities.
  • The company has implemented Hoshin planning as their long-term planning and deployment system.
  • The company has implemented short-interval control sheets, and this will be a solid foundation for implementing PIT in production.
  • Department Managers have developed key KPI’s metrics which will be the foundation for implementing PIT in their departments.

A number of projects were undertaken and closed out across the business. The following are the more significant of those:

  1. OTIF across the business improved by 22%
  2. OEE (on press 6) improved by 35%
  3. Right first time (in tank kits) improved by 60%
  4. SMED project on press 6 improved by 46%

The Lean programme just completed was very worthwhile for the business and has helped position Tricel for future growth.