Transpoco is an Irish company working with organisations that have vehicles on the road to help them to improve their safety, productivity and reduce their costs and carbon footprint.

Today the firm is working with commercial and public organisations to help them increase the safety and efficiency of vehicles and drivers on the road. These clients use Transpoco’s technology to improve the efficiency of their fleets. Recent activity has been in the area of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Transpoco is a rapidly growing company with 2018 turnover nearly 3 million in addition to a compound annual growth rate of 30% in terms of turnover, number of clients and team members.

Company Name


Innovation House, DCU Alpha, Glasnevin, Dublin 11



Quote –

“The lean start programme has been fantastic for Transpoco. We have engaged the whole team and started our lean journey. Everyone in the company has been introduced to the lean principles and started to apply them in their day to day work. The improvements we have made so far have resulted in improved profitability and a better customer experience.”

Lean Start Project Objectives
  1. Prioritise all in flight projects based on long term value and effort.
  2. Process mapping.
  3. Increase visibility of New Sales and 2nd Line sales support.
Key Challenges
  1. Prioritisation – A lack of a clear definition of value compound the difficulty of making trade off decisions. Difficulty in setting achievable and measurable goals that fit with the firm’s long term ambition.
  2. Lean Education – The requirement of all staff to understand, present and implement Lean Principles in order to reduce the 8 wastes.
Key Changes
  1. Objectives and Key Results framework was used to translate long term ambition into focused quarterly goals.
  2. Lean education has been adopted by staff.
  3. Continued use of staff presentations on Lean Principals.
  4. Regular improvements made an integral part of work culture.
  1. Mapped the end to end process for taking on major new work and onboarding customers.
  2. Made work visible for major new work through a value stream kanban board and policies.
  3. Clarified the long-term approach (Transpoco House) and established a standard approach (OKR) for connecting quarterly stretch goals to long term company ambition.
  4. Created new standards for weekly operational meetings to drive execution and a culture of shared accountability.
  5. Additionally, the whole company is building momentum around improvements being an everyday part of how Transpoco works, rather than improvement activities being a one-off.