Topflight Travel Group is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading privately-owned travel companies with brands which include topflight holidays, topflight for schools, Directski.Com, Ski Beat, Ski McNeill and bliss camping.

Its Dublin head office is home to the company’s senior management, sales, operations, finance and software development teams The company has offices in Brighton (UK sales) and the French Alps (resort and chalet operations). The company’s staff levels vary from 70 to 220 in line with the seasonal requirements of the business.

Company Name

5th Floor Jervis House, Jervis Street, Dublin 1

Service Provider
Lean 2 Innovative Thinking

The Tools and techniques are important but, if they are to benefit an operation, they need to be used and implemented by people

Lean Transform Project Objectives
  • Instil ‘Lean Culture’ throughout the organisation, the business had become fragmented with various different mergers and the plan was to tie it all together with the Lean Philosophy.
  • Apply cost savings to our key processes and eliminate waste throughout entire course.
  • Develop clear communication lines so that everyone shares in and strives towards the common goals of the organisation.
Key Challenges
  • Difficult to find similar service companies who employed lean methodologies, so it made the path a difficult one to navigate.
  • Processes in our industry are not as visible as those in manufacturing environments. They cross geographical silos and encompass many different departments and they’re fairly complex making it more difficult to identify the waste. It required much more detailed process mapping, investigations and strong problem solving tools before true waste was discovered.
Key Changes
  • Although it sounds obvious, we focus our energies at all times now on the end customer
  • Now, we eagerly challenge the status quo
  • Finally as a result of Lean, the culture in the company has shifted significantly and with various different projects undertaken has resulted in the business surviving in extremely difficult market conditions
  • Kaizen event, where we looked at making improvements to transporting our customers from the airport to their ski resorts
    • 32% reduction in cost per guest (€250k savings)
    • 45% improvement in transfer planning efficiency
    • Improved customer service, reduced poor responses by 36%
  • Technology – the introduction of agile processes including Kanban, improved on project delivery, last year 100% of projects undertaken were completed within 2 weeks of scheduled completion
  • Yellow Belt training & certification, resulted in the following improvements
    • Pricing tool – enabled more specific manipulation of holiday prices increasing our margin year on year by an average of €30 per booking
    • Streamlining the processes and procedures in both our sales & operations department resulted in department running at 6480pax per FTE in comparison to 3751per FTE the previous year