Tente Ltd is a world leader in the provision of castors and wheels for a broad range of mobility solutions. The Company manufactures rollers and castors for chairs, furniture, hospital beds, medical technical devices, and wheels. TENTE GmbH & Company offers products in stainless steel, metal, and plastic.

Company Name
Tente Ltd

Ballymote, Co Sligo, F56 VK80


Brian Golden & Associates

Quote – As part of the LeanStart programme we have seen an improvement in the company’s Toolsetters performance. As per results/ outcomes our average change over time has reduced by 20% and more importantly our Toolseters have learned the key importance of the SMED programme to the overall efficiency of the company. Due to the success to date, of the LeanStart programme with SMED and the Toolsetting Department we have had a lot of positive interest generated within the company from other department. Our further aim as a result of the outcome of the programme would be to monitor the performace weekly. The ability to monitor the performance was also a tool developed during the LeanStart programme.

Lean Start Project Objectives

To introduce the concepts of Lean with particular focus on improving changeover times through a SMED programme.

Key Challenges

The main challenge was to get buy-in and a belief from all people involved in changeovers that through their application of SMED techniques a real impact could be made on changeover times.

Key Changes
  • Tool setters committed to detailed step by step documentation of the changeover process.
  • Allocations of times for each step.
  • Focus on changes in work methods to reduce time taken for the various steps and subsequently for the overall time.

A 20% reduction in the average changeover time from 3.6 hours to 2.8 hours.
This yielded a significant improvement in the company’s ability to respond to customers ever changing demand and in monetary terms yield an annualised saving of €51,500 per year.