Teg based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, design, machine and ship precision engineered parts all over the world in the pharmaceutical and transport sectors.

Electricity is used for production and natural gas for central heating and water. The main energy loads are CNC/milling machines, compressed air, lighting and air conditioning which account for about 80% of the site energy usage.

Company Name

Forest Park,
Co. Westmeath


Green Start Project Objectives
  • Become more competitive by implementing energy cost reductions
  • Develop an Energy Management System (EnMS) and a cloud based tool
  • Provide training for relevant staff
  • Comply with current legislation and regulations
  • Perform an energy audit of the manufacturing facility
  • Prioritise future spending in energy efficiency
  • Increased costs of energy
Key Changes
  • An EnMS was developed and implemented
  • A cloud based tool was set up to manage the management system and to update the register of opportunities to maintain energy management best practice
  • Training needs where identified, provided and records are maintained
  • Legal requirements are reviewed every 3 months
  • An energy audit was carried out and potential energy savings identified:
    • Upgrade MIC to remove excess capacity charges
    • Install power factor correction bank to eliminate excess wattless charges
    • Participate in the Winter Demand Reduction Incentive
    • Change gas supplier for better rates
    • Change factory lighting to more energy efficient lighting
    • Replace fluorescent lights in the offices, meeting rooms, toilets and hallway with LED lighting and controls
    • Change exterior lighting and Install 65KW photovoltaic cells
  • Estimated annual energy cost savings of €20,744 (23%) with a ROI of < 1.5 years for most projects. (Note: Est. ROI for photovoltaic cells is 7-8 years.)