Steripack is the partner of choice for cleanroom sterile packaging solutions and contract manufacturing services for many of the world’s medical device, pharmaceutical and allied healthcare industries offering the complete supply chain solution from initial concept to finished product.

SteriPack has a strong global presence with manufacturing facilities located in Ireland, Poland Malaysia and the USA

Company Name

Kilbeggan Road, Clara, Co Offaly

Our Kaizen is driven by data collected by our operators, by doing this we tackle their biggest issues with the best possible solution to prevent re-occurrence, not only do they collect the data but they form the teams responsible for fixing the problems

Lean TRANSFORM Project Objectives
  • To enhance a Problem Solving Culture.
  • Use data to drive Continuous Improvement activity.
  • Enhance teamwork.
  • Create a visual work floor where abnormality at a glance was possible.
  • Invest more time to coach and develop our people who are our most valuable asset.
  • Create an environment that allows us to set expectation and challenge our workforce in a positive way
Key Challenges
  • Different approach to data collection to drive activity.
  • Increased engagement of operators during Problem solving.
  • Looking at Organisation structure to improve support during Continuous Improvement.
  • Trending Re-occurring issues affecting production using data and displaying it visually beside the machines.
  • To increase operator ownership of problems through increased engagement
  • To allow Supervisor more time by allocating a Team Leader to handle day to day issues usually handled by Supervisor.
Key Changes
  • Employed Toyota to develop key staff to coach and develop a new data driven Problem Solving Culture.
  • New Line side KPI’s which drive Kaizen activity.
  • Pilot Team Leader role introduced to support Pilot area and generate reports based on KPI’s
  • Regular structured Kaizen Meetings to tackle biggest issues.
  • Layered Confirmation is used every day to sustain progress made.
  • Organisation structure supporting Continuous Improvement.
  • Time to coach, develop and challenge our workforce.
  • Increased availability and schedule adherence in Pilot Area.
  • Increased OEE in Pilot Area.
  • Decrease in re-occurring issues.
  • New systems developed and successfully implemented.
  • Projects based on data collected by Operators themselves.
  • Increase in team based projects.
  • Increase in ownership.
  • Faster escalation of issues which means quicker resolution.
  • Time invested into coaching our Operators.
  • Team Leader dedicated to Area to support Production and help drive Improvement.