Sonas Bathrooms are Ireland’s leading provider of quality bathroom products with over 30 years of experience. The Sonas team carefully selects each collection to create the perfect balance of style and performance. Sonas products are fully supported with a dedicated after sales and technical support.

Sonas Bathrooms products are fully supported with a dedicated after sales and technical support. In-house 5,000 square foot dedicated showroom is open to homeowners, installers and trade professionals who would like to view the complete and extensive product range.

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North West Business Park, 613 Kilshane Avenue, Dublin 15

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LBS Partners

“The lean approach to analysing the data on returns has enabled us to accurately capture the extent of the returns issue, and with the new approach to looking at trends versus snapshots is enabling us to control our returns rate more effectively.”
R Sloan

LEAN START Project Objectives
  • Project 1 : Implement system for tracking, monitoring and evaluating customer returns as % of sales by type etc
  • Project 2 : Implement system to optimize admin processes for co-ordination of inbound shipments
Key Challenges
  • Getting buy in for new analysis techniques from the customer service / purchasing team.
  • Getting the data in a usable format from the IT system
Key Changes
  • Implement system that utilizes data and trend analysis.
  • Development of system and training of staff in new tools and techniques
  • Metrics available on returns rates by product, customer, sales rep trended for any period
  • Allows evaluation of trends and assists in determining what areas are most contributing to credits and supports efforts to reduce same