Shalvey Poultry Ltd cook poultry for the retail and food service markets in Ireland, the UK and Europe and are certified for halal standard and organic standards.

Shalvey Poultry Limited are specialist producers of cooked poultry and associated products for the Retail, Catering and Foodservice markets

Company Name

Corragarry, Canningstown, Cootehill, Co.Cavan

Service Provider
Raleigh & Associates

The plant rooms were places to be avoided and the maintenance workshop did not inspire confidence. Now we are happy to bring any customer into the plant rooms or show them the workshop. We recycle our waste water through a hundred acres of Willow trees (out of the food chain). We harvest the willow every three years and ultimately want to use the willow to reduce our carbon footprint. Program allowed us to improve our operation in areas that normally do not get attention.

GREEN PLUS Project Objectives

Reach the level required to maintain the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Key Challenges

Recycle packaging, reduce water and energy usage.

Key Changes
  • Isolation valves now in the refrigeration system and heat exchangers.
  • Lagging all pipework and clearing out all maintenance rooms. Painted the rooms.
  • Reorganising spare parts, nuts, washers, bolts and
  • Painted the workshop.

Excellent feedback from the BRC audit.
Ready for ISO 14001 audit.