Specialists in the manufacture of a diverse range of precision engineering components and fabricated weld assemblies, the number one driver for the PQE team is to add value and deliver innovative engineering solutions to help our clients to grow and succeed.


PQE Technology Limited provide expert engineering in the manufacture of fabricated weld assembles, pivot pins, machined assemblies & kits and precision components. PQE takes pride in its ability to deliver bespoke end to end products and solutions at a value price. The company’s proficiency and expertise in the fabrication and finishing of raw materials has seen the company develop long term relationships with clients across a board range of sectors.

Company Name
PQE Technology Limited

IDA Industrial Estate,
Cavan Road,
Co. Cavan


Service Provider
CH Consulting Ltd

Quote – Introducing and adopting Lean concepts and philosophies are crucial to our competitiveness. We need to build on our LeanPlus successes of the last year and continue this never ending journey to excellence

LeanPlus Project Objectives
  • Increase competitiveness through internal and external supply chains process improvements.
  • Develop a job costing and reporting system
  • Introduce a new pricing system.
  • Build on improvement made to Delivery OTIF (On Time In Full) KPI.
  • Examine and change where appropriate key work practices to assess their suitability to best manufacturing practices.
  • Introduce first factory floor team (cell) to adopt best Lean practices such as KPI’s, 5s, process analysis to eliminate non value adding activities and to allow value adding to flow, reduction of materials handling and waiting times, visual controls, increased productivity and efficiencies.
  • Embed a positive culture of continuous improvement.
  • Extend Lean training beyond core group.
Key Challenges
  • PQE must continually innovate to satisfy customer demands and to keep ahead of competition.
  • Competitiveness is now crucial in times of growth and penetration of export markets.
Key Changes
  • Changes to work practices including working times and shifts.
  • Major increase in supplier quality. Some parts are now delivered in kits.
  • Actual labour times recorded on works orders
  • Individual work centres have now their own schedules.
  • Pilot factory floor cell (team) introduced.
  • Fully functional factory floor data recording system.
  • Redesign of goods inwards and stores to accommodate smooth material flow.
  • New reception area.
  • Introduction of Pull philosophies – Kanban.
  • Organisation structure changes.
  • Champion developed and new emerging champions identified.
  • Introduction of formal planning meetings.
  • Lean training extended beyond core Lean group.
  • Leadership and team development training provided to selected leaders.
  • Over €150,000 saved on material and direct labour costs.
  • First factory cell (team) with new team leader role, total re-layout, new flow, Kanban, rate based scheduling, 5s, KPI, shadow boards, visual quality standards.
  • Actual v estimated costs recorded on works orders, fully functional factory floor data recording system.
  • New computerised pricing system.
  • Improved planning due to accurate schedules and timely release.
  • Reduced shortages due to improved supplier quality and delivery performances.
  • Acceptance of continuous improvement culture without fear.
  • Improvements to Delivery OTIF (on time in full) performance.