Who the Company are

PK Furniture Design create bespoke Kitchens and furniture for clients in Ireland and the UK.

PK Furniture are a family business, customer focused with the experience to turn your dream kitchen or furniture into a reality at a reasonable price.

Company Name
PK Furniture Design Ltd


The Haw, Lifford, F93 X522


Raleigh & Associates Ltd

LeanStart Project Objectives
  1. Streamline the sales process, error proof it to allow us to grow the business.
Key Challenges
  1. The VSM showed us that most of the problems originated at the start of the process. We now have online sales enquiry process. The information gathered is prompted by questions and filled in by the sales team on iPads.
  2. The information is used to market to our customers and all enquiries are captured in our database.
Key Changes
  1. Eliminated the pieces of paper and forms to collect required information.
  1. Using Poke yoke we collect the information once, use it for marketing, design, manufacturing, delivery and install.

“We capture all enquiries in our online data-base. This allows us to monitor the customer journey from initial enquiry, to production and installation. We measure the number of enquiries and the conversion to orders and the success of our advertising campaigns.”