North Cork Co-Operative Creameries ltd is a dairy processor converting approximately 150 million litres of milk annually into a variety of butter and milk powder products servicing domestic and international markets.

North Cork Co-operatives Creameries Ltd based in Kanturk, Co Cork was established in 1928 and is a farmer owned co-operative.

Company Name
North Cork Co-Operative Creameries Ltd

Kanturk, Co Cork

Service Provider

The Lean Transform Programme has been a fantastic enabler for North Cork Creameries. We have learned that is it not just about some new concepts and tools, it is about changing the organisations culture, thinking and behaviour.
It requires strong leadership and vision and when we reflect on how our Business looks and feels today it most certainly was worth the substantial effort.

LEAN Transform Project Objectives
  • Train and upskill all staff creating a right first time culture across our Business.
  • Reduce waste levels across all our Departments.
  • Create effective communication across the Organisation.
  • Reduce onerous data collection and create insightful information that can be used to manage our Business.
  • Deploy Lean in a way that ensures it becomes self-sustaining.
Key Challenges
  • Lack of ‘process’ across the Business created difficulties dealing with North Cork’s rapid Business growth.
  • Non value added activities present but not visible
  • Change management challenges due to long standing practices
Key Changes
  • Clear Business Strategy identified and bought into by North Cork’s Board and Management.
  • Organisation Structure revamped to better manage the complexities of our current and future Business.
  • All staff trained to various levels of Lean (Yellow/Green/Black).
  • Management routines (meetings and reporting) formalised.
  • Key staff engaged in Projects that are Lean orientated and adding value.
  • Lean principles have become a key pillar in North Corks Strategy Statement.
  • Significant financial savings have been delivered on the back of eliminating various types of waste.
  • The workforce of North Cork are now motivated, trained and fully engaged in growing our Business and delivering added value to our Shareholders.
  • Standards across our Processing facility have risen on the back of Lean Principles being applied. In particular product quality, customer interaction, BRC certification awarded etc.