The National Treasury Management Agency is a state body which operates with a commercial remit to provide asset and liability management services to government.

These services include borrowing on behalf of the Government and the management of the National Debt, the State Claims Agency, NewERA, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and the National Development Finance Agency. It also assigns staff and provides business and support services and systems to the National Asset Management Agency and the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland.
The Agency is situated in the Treasury Building on Dublin’s Grand Canal Street.

Company Name

Treasury Building, Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02 XN96



LEAN PLUS Project Objectives

The Continuous Improvement team was established to promote Operational Excellence within the NTMA through the use of “Lean” tools and techniques.
The aim is to create a sustainable culture of customer focus, process excellence and best practice throughout the NTMA to enable achievement of shared organisational goals.

This means getting every employee of the NTMA thinking about improving processes, every day, of every year, with a shared vision of an organisation that strives for operational excellence through continuous process improvement.

Key Challenges
  • “We are successful already” – The NTMA has over the years built a strong reputation for delivering on its mandates which raises the question as to why we need to improve our processes.
  • “Being a service type organisation” – The perception that service type organisations are different to those found in manufacturing or other environments and that Lean tools and techniques would not be applicable or effective.
  • “Low volume, high value processes” – Compared to other service type organisations the number of transactions for each process is relatively small.
  • Traditional v Lean Management – The introduction of Lean principles. For example traditionally processes not viewed holistically or “end-to-end” from supplier to customer.
Key Changes
  • A strategic goal- ‘Develop our Capabilities as an Adaptive Organisation’ has been formulated which emphasises continuous process improvement as one of the pillars supporting this goal.
  • Development of a Lean awareness programme. Best Practice site visits to other organisations and invited guest speakers. Over 100 in house trained “White Belts”. Yellow, Green Belt and Change Leader courses in development.
  • Appointment of Change Leaders in each area of the agency with responsibility for promotion of Lean culture and tools within their area.
  • Adoption of visual management boards and stand up meetings
  • Ideas Management – Establishment of an “Ideas Register” available to all staff and a formal process for the central capture, assessment and progression of ideas.
  • Delivery of Value: Multiple cross functional project teams supported in delivering improvements.
  • Teams are better able to identify improvement opportunities by having a better understanding of their key process flows and customer needs.
  • Teams can identify, resolve or escalate problems more efficiently and effectively.
  • Increasing cross functional approach to problem solving and opportunities for knowledge sharing.