MONSOON CONSULTING designs, builds and supports user centred content and e-commerce web solutions for Europe’s leading brands and businesses.

A well designed user experience combined with regular UX research are the keys to any successful project that targets profitability through customer satisfaction. Utilising a flexible delivery methodology and an open and transparent development approach to adopt this feedback is essential to this success.

Company Name
Monsoon Consulting

1 Terminus Mills, Clonskeagh, Dublin 6, D06 VY62,

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Quote – The visibility and delivery improvements have been really phenomenal.  What’s also been fantastic and unexpected, was the positive effect on us as people, this approach has really deepened our commitment to each other and our clients.

Lean Start Project Objectives
  • To improve the Monsoon Consulting delivery model using agile and lean principles and practices.
  • To increase visibility of progress  and predictability of delivery
  • To reduce defects and time to market
Key Challenges
  • Mixed appetite among employees for the introduction of new delivery approaches.
  • Methods were being applied to in flight projects, commissioned using the old model, concerns that an agile approach wouldn’t be compatible.
  • Concerns at how to communicate and contract new ways of working with customers.
Key Changes
  • Piloted updated delivery model on two projects, with recurring events for planning, delivery and continuous improvement.
  • Moved from one large delivery taking multiple months, to multiple small deliveries of one month or less.
  • Operational support workflow updated, and reduced work in progress (increasing delivery speed as a result)
  • Both pilot projects demonstrated working software to the clients dramatically sooner than on previous projects (5 times faster to market), with fewer defects and positive outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Visibility of projects dramatically increased, predictability of delivery significantly improving.
  • Productivity increases, with the team producing more in less time (effectively a 35% capacity increase).
  • Company processes for contracting and on boarding clients updated to benefit agile and lean principles.