Manor Farm is the chicken brand of Carton Bros. The company is now in the 8th generation of the Carton family with Vincent Carton currently Managing Director. Proud of its Irishness, the company employs 824 people directly, contracts a further 160 farmers and gives indirect employment to many more throughout the 26 counties. Manor Farm is also committed to the Love Irish Food campaign which will guarantee to the consumer that Irish products are kept on the shelves and will keep jobs in Ireland.

During the 1950’s, Manor Farm was the first to bring the chicken we know today into Ireland and laid the foundations for the chicken industry that now exists. During that period most chickens were grown in the countryside, mainly in Co. Monaghan and transported to Dublin for slaughtering. Nowadays Manor Farm – with its unique plant number IE 803 EC – has one of the most modern processing facilities in Europe, producing up to 600,000 birds per week at its home in the heart of Co. Cavan. The company supplies its Irish customers from all the major supermarkets, local stores and butchers as well as supplying foreign markets through exports.


Carton Bros is the name of the company that produce Manor Farm chicken. It is one of the oldest family companies in the country and dates back to 1775 when it was trading in the Dublin Markets. Originally in those heady days over 200 years ago, chickens would be brought from the farmyards all around the country to the Dublin Markets and Carton’s would sell them on. In later years people would send their live chickens on the train marked for Carton’s where they would then be sold and the money would be sent back to the Farmers by return

Company Name
Manor Farm


Corclare, Shercock, Co.Cavan


Lean Service Provider
FoodKraft/ ESS/ DKIT/ BlackBird

Quote –

“Support from Enterprise Ireland has allowed us to introduce Lean thinking to the long standing employees of Manor Farm. Lean has helped us to drive efficiencies and increase capacity at Manor Farm with front line employees engaged and driving change.”

Lean Transform Project Objectives
  • Increase capacity & efficiency
  • Reduce Weight Give Away
  • Increase yield
  • Reduce Overtime
Key Challenges
  • The key challenges encountered throughout the Lean Transform project was the level of Lean knowledge within the company prior to commencement. Implementing change to processes and production in a way which ensured improvements were maintained.
  • Manor Farm is by its nature of being a family business in a rural location employs a large number of families from the local area. This meant that for Lean to be implemented successfully and to become part of the culture of the company people needed to be engaged with and communicated to from the very start on the objectives and benefits of Lean.
Key Changes
  • As a result of the training provided at all levels within the company as part of Lean transform, Lean is now an integral part of our daily work. Each cell within the factory holds its daily PIT meeting which then feeds into the Daily Senior PIT meeting. These meetings focus on simple green and red KPI targets, are we ahead or behind? And if so, what are doing to improve?
  • Along with the daily PIT we also hold weekly optimization meetings where the focus is on process optimization projects that are focused on the optimization of current processes or the identification of new production methods or capital development.
  • As a result of the implementation of Lean at Manor Farm the company has been able to reinvest in new production methods that increase efficiency, maximize value and deliver safer and faster production for our customers. Over the course of the Lean Transform we have seen improvement in the below KPI’s:Weight Give Away
    • 7% Reduction in Whole Bird Weight Give Away
    • 2% Reduction in Fillet Weight Give Away



    • 15% Increase in headcount



    • 2% Increase in Productivity


    • 5% Improvement in Yield


    Hanging Efficiency

    • 5% Improvement in Hanging Efficiency


    Empty Shackles

    • 40% Reduction in empty shackles



    • 44% Reduction in Downtime.