Kepak group, an Irish based company, is one of Europe’s leading food innovators, engaged in processing and marketing a full range of meat proteins in varied formats and presentations. The group comprises of 3 strategic business units, Kepak meat division (kmd), Kepak frozen division (kfd) and Agrakepak international

Kepak Meat Division (KMD) is the primary processing business unit of the Kepak Group. KMD has an array of very well invested processing facilities strategically located across Ireland processing in approximately 250,000 cattle, 800,000 sheep and 300,000 pigs a year.

KMD business is focused on supplying partner retail and food service customers across Europe. The bedrock of KMD is built on a very strong supply base from producers who are acutely responsive to customer needs.

Company Name

Clonee, Co Meath


Lean Transform Project Objectives
  • To conduct a Lean Transform Program across all functions/areas of the business
  • To deliver Lean training and project mentoring to enable a ‘Lean approach’ culture in Kepak.
  • To introduce a blend of Lean and project management methodologies to deliver targeted cost savings from Continuous Improvement
Key Challenges
  • The industry has in recent years seen an unprecedented fall in activity due to changing demographics in the farming industry.
  • External factors such as exchange rates and energy cost inflation were working against us.
  • Our Customers were asking for change and we were listening.
Key Changes
  • A Lean Transformation Program was introduced, broken into separate work streams
  • – 5S to deliver a simpler, safer and better working environment for our team.
  • – Standard work to give Operations the tools to meet targets in quality, yield and efficiency
  • – Visual management to improve communication and improve the speed of change.
  • – Management routines including Gemba walks to bring the frontline and office staff closer together
  • A central Project Management Office (PMO) was established to coordinate Lean implementation, training & mentoring of staff and CI delivery to target
  • We have simplified and standardised our processes so that our sites are now managed and our products produced in a Lean manner.
  • We have built a more educated, involved team at all levels through the Lean Transform Program, training in Lean principles & project methodologies, and partaking in CI projects.
  • We have improved our cost base helping us to remain competitive and grow along with both sides of our supply chain.