Keelings is split into 5 divisions; retail processing and packaging fruits for the local market and farms where they grow their our own fruit and salads, markets division Dublin city centre where they sell produce, the international division focuses on the UK and Europe. The catering division farm fresh is part of Pallas Foods and the solutions division sells bespoke erp software.

Keelings based in North County Dublin is one of Ireland oldest businesses and currently employs around 2,000 people selling their products in Ireland, the UK & Europe. The family story stretches back to 1926 and in the 1930s began growing fruits and salads supplying them to local Dublin markets.

Company Name

FoodCentral, St Margarets, Co. Dublin

Service Provider
ClearStream Solutions

The company’s environmental targets involve energy reduction, zero waste and reduced carbon emissions. Keelings has already achieved significant energy reduction through the improvement of energy efficiency.

GREEN PLUS Project Objectives

The objective of the project was to build the knowledge and structure to manage our Energy and Environmental responsibilities. The company policy is maintain sustainability and place it at the forefront of the business. The training involved embedding the principles of ISO 50001, understanding how to develop an Environmental Management System and Carbon Management Principles based on ISO 14064-1.

Key Challenges

The key challenges involved building a team to around the energy and sustainability plans. Keelings is a big company and we needed to build an effective team around the Green Champion. This was successfully achieved when some adjustments were made to the meetings format. The initiatives identified cover:

  1. Waste
  2. Energy & Carbon Emissions
  3. Transport Energy & Emissions
  4. Packaging
  5. Health & Nutrition
  6. Community Partnership
  7. Develop Sustainability Initiatives
  8. Biodiversity
  9. Wellbeing Days
Key Changes

We have a more structured approach to Sustainability which is becoming embedded in the daily operation of the company.


We identified €151,094 in savings as a result of this project in year 1.