Incus Power Ltd established in 2013 is one of Ireland’s leading designers and manufacturers of electrical distribution and control systems serving key infrastructural, commercial and industrial projects across Ireland and UK.

Company Name
Incus Power Ltd


Block 4A, Moyne Park, Old Dublin Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford


Dynamic Lean Solutions

Quote – “LeanStart has been the stimulus in motivating our entire workforce to engage fully in achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the markets we serve

Lean Plus Objectives

To develop Lean procedures for:

  • Accurate, complete and timely availability of certified drawings and specifications
  • Stock procurement and Stock Management
  • Production Scheduling and Performance Management
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement environment
Key Challenges
  • Low employee engagement
  • Lack of effective planning
  • Absence of performance management procedures, KPIs and accountability
  • Poor inventory accuracy
  • Lack of robust management information processes resulting in poor internal and external communications
Key Changes

Successful introduction of three Lean Manufacturing Cells. The three cells are supported by:

  • Accurate, complete and timely availability of certified drawings and specifications
  • Effective production planning and control procedures together with realistic KPIs
  • Improved on-time purchasing and stock management
  • Introduction to 5S
  • Improved communications both formal and informal
  • Fostering and mentoring a Lean continuous improvement environment
  • Reduction in direct labour costs of 12% per annum
  • Reduction of 12% in throughput times from the three Lean Manufacturing Cells
  • Excellent buy in from employees who are fully engaged in establishing a Lean continuous improvement environment