Who the company are

The Great Northern Distillery operates two distinctive distilleries pot stills and columns that produce a diverse range of Irish whiskey spirit’s including grain, triple malt, double malt, peated malt and pot still whiskey. The distillery has a current capacity of 16 million litres of spirit with an opportunity to expand production.


The primary market for our distillery is bulk private labels, contract distilling, retail own label and supplementing spirit and whiskey for smaller distilleries and in the home and international markets. Presently the Irish Whiskey Market is the fastest growing brown spirit sales in the world.

Company Name
Great Northern Distillery


Carrickmacross Rd, Dundalk, Co. Louth




Casey Technology

GreenPlus Project Objectives

The primary objective of the project was for The Great Northern Distillery to successfully implement a ISO 50001 compliant energy management system.

Key Challenges

Data monitoring and reporting systems on site presented a challenge as the metering available at the beginning of the project did not satisfy the requirements of the ISO 50001 Energy management system.

Key Changes

A formalised EnMS has been implemented across the site with regular consumption reporting. Energy consumption has been optimised as a result of the implementation of the EnMS.


The EnMS has been implemented successfully across the site, system accreditation scheduled December 2018. A number of energy saving opportunities have been identified and solutions implemented as a result of the EnMS with annual energy savings being measured and verified.


The EnMS was valuable tool to formally identify opportunities and to instil energy management at the heart of what we do.