Grant Engineering Ireland has achieved an enviable reputation within the heating industry for its high-efficiency approach to new concepts. The company has been recognised with awards for its contribution to the industry as well as it’s innovative products. It is the leading boiler manufacturer in Ireland and the UK.

With 40 years designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of highly efficient and reliable heating products, Grant Engineering Ireland has become a strong favourite for many householders and installers in Ireland.

Company Name
Grant Engineering ireland

Crinkle, Birr, Co.Offaly

LEAN TRANSFORM Project Objectives
  • Increase output on all our machines by monitoring the OEE
  • Conduct a Lean Transform Program across all areas of the business
  • Instil a lean mentality across the organisation, focused on improving efficiency
  • Create an environment that encourages employee engagement which allows employees to share their ideas to improve the OEE on machines.
  • Use the data gathered to continuously improve operations and increase productivity.
  • Deliver lean training and project mentoring to enable a ‘Lean approach’ culture in Grant Engineering.
  • Implement a TPM strategy to prevent unwanted breakdowns and eliminate defective parts.
Key Challenges
  • Capacity to meet sudden increases in market demand.
  • Development of metrics that can drive continuous improvement
  • Rollout of A3 problem solving
  • Identification of a suitable method of data collection that will engage workers and highlight problems.
  • Identification of appropriate solutions for reoccurring problems affecting OEE.
  • Employee engagement – Not all staff engaged with the process initially. Some felt there was additional work incurred in documenting the downtime.
  • Devising a TPM schedule that will not affect production.
Key Changes
  • Daily communication with manufacturing operators on the floor.
  • A competitive atmosphere has been created where workers strive to get the best OEE.
  • Development of standard work practices and workstations using 5S principles.
  • Moving to data-driven problem solving, rather than reactive problem solving.
  • Hourly downtime sheets highlight recurring problems which enable us to devise solutions to address them.
  • OEE Board displays data to managers, Team Leads and maintenance, so action can be taken.
  • Increased participation of all staff in improvement activities.
  • Daily / weekly / monthly TPM for machines.
  • A 20% average increase in OEE on all machines which has in turn increased production levels.
  • Improved stock control using Kanban for consumable goods
  • Improved quality – daily tracking of quality in each department and near real-time issue resolution
  • Greater awareness of production performance from the “hour by hour” downtime sheets.
  • Decrease in recurring problems.
  • Planned TPM has resulted in less breakdowns and part defects.
  • Increased employee engagement – more employee inclusion in the daily management of their areas. This has led to the creation of a culture of continuous professional development and improvement.
  • More than 2,400 frontline employee ideas have been implemented in the last 24 months