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Drawing on almost a century of industry expertise, Gaelite Signs is recognised as a leader in sign design, fabrication, installation and maintenance, specialising in branding and conversion programmes.

Who we are

We are the country’s oldest turnkey national sign provider and have earned the trust of the world’s top retail brands through our inspired design engineering, unlimited manufacturing capabilities and world class programme management.

Company Name Gaelite

Address Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18.

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Green Service Provider Arc Management


Proper enviornmental management provides real cost reductions but is only achievable if every member of the organisation is onboard.

GreenStart Project Objectives

The aim of the project was to develop a more structured approach to the use of our materials and develop an Environmental Strategy that will give us a competitive advantage over many of our international competitors.

Many of our key customers have now developed these strategies and they expect all the suppliers in their procurement chain to do likewise. This is becoming an important hygiene factor in doing business with them.

We also want to engage with all our staff through structured training and we see their input as being key to achieving a good outcome for this project.

Key Challenges

In order to get both staff engagement and a demonstrable improvement for our clients, the project had a heavy focus on waste stream management.

This in effect meant that we had to first identify all our wastes and then identify methods to recycle this waste in order to divert it away from landfill.

Whilst the identification of recycling providers for some of our waste streams was difficult do to the nature of some of our raw materials, the key challenge was the cultural change among the staff to start separating the waste streams.

The staff had “buy in” to the project from the beginning but it still took several months to see effective change.


The company had previously seen ourselves as being very good at recycling, it was only with a proper analysis of the data from our processes and our waste contractor that we realised how much of what we thought was being recycled was actually going to landfill due to us cross contaminating it.

Through proper segregation, promotion and training we have now seen a reduction of almost 50% of waste being sent to landfill, or nearly 3000kgs per month in weigh terms.