G Bruss GmbH Sligo products can be found all around the world – in the powertrains of countless vehicles. Whether it’s for Daimler, BMW, VW, Porsche, Audi, Ford or Jaguar/Land Rover – as a developer and manufacturer of high-end sealing systems, G Bruss GmbH have helped people keep moving for over 50 years!

First established as a small sole trader by the BRUSS family, G Bruss GmbH now employ over 2,500 people worldwide.

As an innovative specialist for individual solutions, G Bruss GmbH provide our customers with perfect customised products – with experience, technological competence and outstanding service.

Company Name
G Bruss GmbH Sligo


Finisklin Road, Sligo, County Sligo


Lean Service Provider
Tecknic Performance Leaders

Lean Start Project Objectives
  1. Improve the operations performance of the BU2 section 2.
  2. Create  a current state map to identify areas of opportunity.
  3. Propose a future state reflecting improved workflow and better team working.
  4. Increase knowledge in Lean , work standards ,TOC, 5S+Safety (hazard recognition).
  5. Performance Management and understand how it fits with the CI process.
  6. Overall achieve a more efficient Leaner BU2 section 2 area with improved productivity.
Key Challenges
  1. Inflexibility causing some conflict between employees with cover for Tool Setters de-flashing problematic.
  2. De-flashers only logging in to 2 M/Cs.
  3. Operators and Tool setters are not interchangeable.
  4. De-flashing is demoralising for tool setters.
  5. Maintenance response needs improved.
  6. M/C uptime at 84% is too low effecting overall performance.
Key Changes
  1. New better team system at moulding.
  2. System change – separating de-flash from the operator and tool setter – specialisation will improve uptime.
  3. Up-skilling and combine operator and tool setter into one functional role to improve m/c up-time and flexibility and reduce de-flash waste.
  4. Remove Log-in for hand de-flashers to improve flexibility no designated M/Cs.
  5. Up-skilling to include cold channel change by Tool Setters.
  • Current state Value stream Map completed with process efficiency determined. A re-organised operating system in the BU2 moulding section to provide greater employee and M/C efficiency.