Who the company are

We’re a team of business process and digital transformation experts. Our people have experience in BPM and workflow and are dedicated to making intuitive, affordable process automation tools that empower business users, to get work done smarter and quicker.

What the company do

FlowForma is revolutionizing the traditional BPM space with an innovative approach to developing award-winning process automation and workflow products. We’re recognized for disrupting this space because:

• Our tools are trusted by IT but give the power to the business experts

• Our tools are the only 100% no code process automation tools on the market

• We’re the only provider linking workflow with decision making and collaborative work management

Our customers are doing something different.

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Ammeon Solutions

LeanStart Project Objectives

Provide Lean practices for the Customer Success team in order to arm them with tools to support their continuous improvement as well as applying Lean principles on project implementations and support to their clients.

Key Challenges

55% of New Customers are taking 6 months or more to get projects live with our software.

Key Changes

• Agree milestones dates with New Customers

• Include Expiration Date of 4 months on SureStart Programme signed up to by New Customers

• Schedule 0.5 days slots with customer instead of 1 hour slots


We had 2 new customers sign up to the SureStart Programme during the Lean Start Project:

• The first Customer’s SureStart was completed and project live after 2 months

• The second Customer SureStart is due to be completed and live after 3 months

The Customer Success team is now constantly inspecting and adapting their processes and ways of working.


Sessions were really great at identifying key areas of improvement. Leo is excellent at facilitating and guiding meaningful discussions that highlight problem areas with team dynamics and how to work through road blocks with actions to achieve the required results.