EJ is the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide.

With ingenuity and craft, we have shaped molten iron into products that serve as the infrastructure of neighborhoods, villages and cities. With integrity and heart, we have responded to our customer’s needs and expectations and built names for ourselves: East Jordan Iron Works, Cavanagh, Norinco, McCoy and Havestock.

Company Name
E J Birr


Roscrea Rd, Seefin, Birr, Co. Offaly


Lean NI

Lean Start Project Objectives
  1. Improved Process efficiencies, leading to improved services, productivity and reduced operating costs.
Key Challenges
  1. IT/ERP system under-utilised (~ 10% of capability), resulting in numerous manual operations and a general lack of reliable data.
Key Changes
  1. Changed stock control system for top moving products by volume, by implementing 2-bin Kanban system.
  2. Improved shop floor layout.
  3. Increased awareness of critical, central role of the business information system.
  1. Better stock control to improve the order fulfilment process for fabricated product.
  2. Improved shop floor layout.
  3. Current state value stream map (including information and product flow)