Who the company are

We empoy highly skilled engineers and designers to provide bespoke FDA approved solutions for the Med-tech Industry which involves collaborative design with customer focus.

What the company do

At DPF Engineering we support the Aerospace and Medtech Industries with Engineering Design, Manufacture of precision tooling, complex metallic components and detailed assemblies.

Company Name
DPF Engineering


Unit 2 Pollerton Industrial Est

Hacketstown Rd





LBS Partners

LeanPlus Project Objectives

Implement a Visual Factory and build capability in our people to identify waste and improve processes. Focus on Production OEE2 improvement.

Key Challenges

Very busy production environment. Small workforce, so challenging to some meetings/improvement work.

Key Changes
  • PIT Boards implemented in the factory and the Toolroom. Daily Meetings.
  • 6S Improvements in the Toolroom, Back Yard and Metal Store.
  • Positive engagement operators and progress in empowering operators to engage in Kaizen events.
  • Developed OEE measurement for Production machines with historical database.
  • TPM program developed for Production machines, including Autonomous maintenance routines for Operators and Annual PM schedules for 3rd party maintenance.
  • Greenbelt training for three employees.
  • Three focused kaizens:
    • 6S Organisation of tool storage.
    • SMED for Beam changeover.
    • Capacity increase on Kitamura
  • Planning process improved.

OEE2 improved on average by 8% on Doosan, Kiltamura, VMX30, VMX60 and Lynx machines.

OTIF Customer service inproved by 1%


“It is clear that there is a hunger to drive improvement within the Galway facility.  One auditee stated “sure it is better, but there is still a long way to go”.  This relentless desire to improve is highly commendable and could be adopted by other Unicom facilities.”

Richard King Davis, Lead Assessor, ISO9001/ TL9000