Croom Precision Tooling was founded in 1984.  The organisation is an SME enterprise operating from its single site in Croom, Co. Limerick. Focused on manufacturing and distribution of medical orthopaedic products, specialised tooling for large multinational companies and precision components for the aerospace industry.

Company Name
Croom Precision Tooling


Croom, Co Limerick



Quote –

The project was instrumental in supporting the development and growth for our business driving improvements and savings across the organisation

Lean Start Project Objectives
  1. Improve scheduling and information flow to reduce average Lead Time by 10%.
  2. 15% Increase in throughput per labour hour.
  3. 20% reduction in breakdowns and unplanned downtime.
Key Challenges
  1. The development of work systems and processes to meet specific customer requirements which results in a wide variation of practices.
  2. Understanding how the ERP system can support the capture of real time shop floor data for analysis of performance, workplace organisation and communication.
  3. Lack of strategic objectives and interrelated metrics.
  4. Instructions and the effectiveness of jobs cards which provided necessary detailed routines & product detail required reviewing and where necessary improvement.
  5. Other standardisation improvement projects as a result of analysis of inspection data include product specific trays to ensure ease of handling & to avoid product damage.
Key Changes
  1. Open jobs are reviewed weekly and prioritised for the following week. The output of this review is captured in the schedule via ML and is shared at a cell level.
  2. Training has taken place for 5S workplace organisation & a 5S program has been introduced with regular audits.
  3. Shadow boards have been introduced and are in use. Layout pictures have been prepared for some areas.
  4. The factory floor re-layout in Jan 18 reduced transportation for m/c ops. Ergonomics / Movement were considered in the new layout.
  5. Centralised area has been created for managing product and customer Kanbans.
  6. Visual management boards (i.e. planned and actual) have been introduced for each cell and are maintained by the cell teams.
  7. Skills matrix boards have been prepared and are displayed in in a central area between the cells.
  8. Cutters, tools, gauges are controlled via Kanban and issued using Matrix machine.
  1. 10% reduction in leadtime
  2. 8% increase in throughput
  3. Annualised savings of €192k