Family owned business established by John Condron in 1969 and now has grown to manufacture Roof tiles, plastic pipes and be a significant employer in the midlands.

We manufacture concrete pipes, manholes roof tiles, plastic pipes and fitting.

Company Name
Condron Concrete


Tullamore, County Offaly

Green Service Provider
SPeco Services Ltd.

Green Plus Project Objectives
  • Energy Efficiency improvements of 10% and Secure ISO50001
Key Challenges
  • A busy and growing manufacturing operation with challenges including Brexit and introduction of new technology and processes.
  • Energy efficiency and energy cost is important to manage especially with carbon taxes increasing in the years ahead.
Key Changes
  • We had to establish a team and get buy-in for Energy team as energy was not seen a significant cost as a percentage of sales in years gone by.
  • The company have been using oil fired boilers for years to generate steam to heat rooms that dry the roof tiles. We identified an energy saving opportunity to use a gas boiler and circulate low temperature hot water to do equivalent drying with better control and lower cost.
  • Our team are now eager to identify and focus on energy and cost savings and it is now seen as a core part of our roles.