Cathx Ocean Limited design, manufacture and supply advanced subsea imaging and measurement systems.  These include cameras, lighting, lasers, machine vision and data management tools for deep sea vehicles.

Cathx Ocean was founded in 2009 by Adrian Boyle and Michael Flynn to develop the world’s first true subsea machine vision systems. The company headquarters, including hardware design, software engineering and manufacturing is based in Kildare,  with additional office locations in Aberdeen, UK and Houston, USA.

Company Name
Cathx Limited

D3, M7 Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare

Service Provider

Quote – The Lean Start has been a huge leap forward for us in adopting Agile practices.  We can now easily see what each team is working on and where the road blocks are.  Planning and prioritisation of Research and Development work with the new processes and workflows is much simpler and more efficient.  We now need to apply these practices to other areas and embed them in the company.  

Lean Start

The objective of the Lean Start was to introduce Agile ways of working for planning and execution of development projects.

Key Challenges
  • Existing development process was a hybrid of Waterfall development with some use of Kanban / Scrum boards.
  • Business requirements required staff to be able to context shift between projects rapidly.
Key Changes
  • Streamlined number of development workflows.
  • Improved & simplified work planning, and day-to-day management processes.
  • Established self-organising teams with staff on two sites.
  • Introduced a Scrumban development process to allow improved planning, prioritisation and work visualisation.
  • Established two self-organising delivery teams as well as a planning team with a single workflow for all and a board for each.
  • Introduced a new wiki system for internal communications, team processes, training as well as Environment Policy and Green Competitiveness Worksheet