Cara Partners is a bulk pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Little Island Industrial Estate in County Cork.

Cara Partners produce extracts from the leaves of the maidenhair plant (Gingko Biloba), which are used in the preparation of treatments for memory enhancement and blood disorders.

Cara Partners is a global leader, supplying more than 80% of the Ipsen and Schwabe Group’s worldwide sales.

Company Name
Cara Partners

Little Island Industrial Estate, Little Island, Co. Cork

Crystal Business Solutions

IDA Ireland

Quote – “Lean is an effective and rewarding journey resulting in considerable improvements achieved through small gains with people across all aspects of the business”

Lean Plus Project Objectives
  1. Release capacity of €1.3 million to meet an additional 15% sales requirement
  2. Instil a Continuous Improvement mindset in the business
Key Challenges

Cara Partners had emerging growth in Eastern markets which resulted in the following challenges for the organisation:

  • Limited capacity as facility currently running at full capacity
  • Aging facility operating with equipment that was 40 years old
  • The bottleneck process had operated at full capacity and was also 40 years old and investment in CAPEX was limited.
Key Changes
  • Processed based approach to manage the business
  • Daily stand up meetings assessing the value stream resulting in approved accountability
  • Elevation process in place
  • Implementation of the root Cause Analysis
  • Implemented OEE in bottleneck
  • As a result of Lean project, prioritised investment in the bottleneck process
  • Training and coaching around the Value stream and key Business Processes
  • Implemented an S&OP Process

The key benefits of the project are:

a) Release of greater than €1million Additional Capacity for the business
b) Delivered Cost Saving of €220k
c) Reduced Lead-time of one Value Stream by 6 weeks
d) Eliminated reoccurring problems through systematic problem solving
e) Zero customer complaints in 2016.