Bo Steel was launched to reflect the company’s growing focus in handling and winter housing systems for Cattle and Sheep. Much of the work now at Bo Steel is ‘made to measure’ handling gates, feeding and winter housing systems. Entrance gates, especially those designs produced by the Blacksmiths of old, are still made with the same passion as always.


Bo Steel is owned and operated by Paul Lyons. Paul graduated from Dublin City University as a Mechanical Engineer. After a brief time in industry, he spent a number of years with the Defence Forces as an Ordnance Mechanical Engineer. He left to continue to develop his business where he now designs new products for the agricultural sector.

Company Name
Bo Steel


Fishpond, Kilchreest, Loughrea, Co. Galway



Paula McNicholas, Lean Team Strategies Ltd

Quote –

“We’ve reduced our leadtime significantly. Paula looks at problems from a very practical point of view coming up with real life answers and practical implementation”

Lean Start Project Objectives
  1. To reduce leadtime in production and planning
  2. To improve productivity
Key Challenges
  1. Finding time to make changes at busy times
Key Changes
  1. 5S in the office
  2. Ordering process and order tracker improved
  3. Visual Management of orders in workshop
  4. Flow of products station to station improved
  5. Better management of offcuts
  6. Better storage for Finished goods
  1. Improvements in end-to-end processing
  2. Improvements in communication
  3. Significant reduction in leadtime
  4. Productivity improved by 75%
  5. Savings of €98k per year