Bandon Co-op is a Dairy Co-operative with a number of distinct Business Units including Milk Collection, Retailing, Agri-Division and our Dairy Division.

Bandon Co-op was founded in 1903 and since then have serviced our Farmers needs through the successful expansion from Milk Collection to supplying Animal Feed from our Feed Mills to providing Hardware/ DIY/Agri products in our Retail Shops to the Contract packing of Dairy products.

Company Name
Bandon Co-op


Watergate Street, Bandon, Co. Cork.

Service Provider

Quote -At all levels Train the staff that are in a position to implement change within their area and start with easy wins for employee buy in, this will lead to a successful Transformation of processes and Management routines.  

Lean Transform Objectives

The implementation of Lean was needed to facilitate an overhaul of management Structure and Routines and the introduction of Lean processes for efficiencies and the Upskilling of employees with focused objectives.

Key Changes

The introduction of Lean, focused employees on the importance of training which leads to process improvement and enhancement of operational functionality with more structured and integrated management routines.


The availability of funding allowed us to complete a very intensive Training program giving key people an in-depth knowledge & understanding of the business necessities required from them. Without this investment in our staff, the resulting benefits would not have materialised.