Ballymaloe Foods produce a wide range of versatile relishes and sauces for the Irish and International markets.

Company Name
Ballymaloe Foods


Little Island, Cork



Quote –

“The lean start project was an excellent process that led to time saving and cost saving improvements across our business.

Lean Start Project Objectives
  1. Reduce time spent on admin tasks.
  2. Improve data analysis capability.
  3. Introduction of new techniques for metrics analysis and improvement.
Key Challenges
  1. Changing long established procedures.
  2. Developing bespoke planning system for the Ballymaloe process.
Key Changes
  1. Introduction of new lean process for sales analysis, customer price tracking evaluation and production planning.
  2. Ability to track key metrics and use to drive business improvement.
  1. Sales top level analysis system implemented.
  2. Key customer price performance tracker implemented.
  3. New production planning system implemented.
  4. New production efficiency system designed, in progress.