Who the company are

Established in 1991, ATC Electrical & Mechanical develop and supply the most innovative and widely used electric heating, ventilation & hand drying solutions to help reduce energy costs to the Electrical and Mechanical Industry in Ireland and the UK.

What the company do

Our Core Values of Quality, Service and Customers Care are primary to our day to day business activities.  As an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company, ATC are committed to offering our customers the highest level of service, customer care and quality of product.

We have a Quality Management System in place with stringent Operating Procedures, as well as a series of Quality Assurance checks, all of which are designed to ensure our service and backup is carried out to the highest possible standards.

Our quality procedures also ensure that we only promote and distribute products with the required Irish and European Approvals.

Company Name
ATC Electrical


ATC House

Broomhill Drive

Tallaght, Dublin 24




Redefine Consulting Ltd

LeanStart Project Objectives

We focused on a 6S Lean Start project for the warehouse and technical area. JIT principals were applied to reduce over stocking and improve goods in/out cycle times and quality of service.

  1. Increase storage capacity for stock and eliminate external storage costs
  2. Introduce SOPS for Goods In /Out to include 6S standards (Safety #6)
  3. Develop a Lean 6S Culture in ATC’s warehouse, automation and technical facilities.

Allow safe warehouse access to protentional clients to enhance the sales process and display Goods Out processes.

Key Challenges

ATC wanted to promote a safe and efficient warehouse environment. ERP system data did not reflect stock levels within the warehouse accurately.  The work area was untidy and difficult to navigate safely. Delivery performance was hampered by poor stock location and lack of visual and management controls.

Key Changes
  • Additional space was created through a 6s Warehouse implementation. Floor space was increased by eliminating waste, adding additional bays and deploying visual controls. The ERP system was updated with 100% of stock location input on the system ensuring accurate real time (live) stock control data.
  • 30% increase in capacity
  • 15% reduction in goods out cycle time
  • -€50,000 pa reduction in costs (reduced no. of pallets in external storage)

“We entered the UK market in 2015 so, we regularly invite customers over to ATC’s showrooms in Dublin.  Since our 6s Project we can now include warehouse visits as part of our sales initiative to demonstrate what ATC has to offer.”