Adams & Butler is an upmarket private travel designer specialising in customised experiences and private visits for wealthy and sophisticated clients, including many celebrities from long-haul markets such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Russia.

Established in 2002 Adams & Butler are a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, offering itineraries for both individuals and groups on varied themes.

Company Name
Adams & Butler

The Carriage House,
58 Foster’s Ave,
Mount Merrion,
Co. Dublin

Service Provider
Redefine Consulting Ltd.

Adams & Butler greatly benefited from our Enterprise Ireland Lean Plus and now we are more focused on productivity. We reduced rework and everyone bought in to Lean thinking under the guidance of Redefine. We improved performance tracking by implementing better metrics and dashboards. The newer staff gained greater confidence and are taking an active role in our growth. We will now consolidate what we learnt, apply it and sustain it on a day to day basis whilst keeping a watch out for further opportunities for Lean.

Lean Plus Objectives 
  • Deliver a significant productivity improvement and cost reductions by enhancing the Sales process
  • Embed a culture of business Improvement and lean techniques to a group of trained staff
  • Introduce a Lean cultural programme to pursue company-wide improvement
Key Challenges
  • Adams & Butler lacked a bespoke Tours IT system, including metrics and CRM functions. Itineraries were not delivered in a timely manner and in a professional document that befits the ethos and nature of the company and its clientele
  • As in any SME staffing remains one of the greatest challenges comprising of recruiting, on-boarding new hires and managing performance to build high achieving teams. We identified inconsistencies in the ad hoc approach being employed by A&B, which was likely contributing to some poor hires, while poor performers were not being dealt with, both of which were affecting team morale and productivity.
    Hence, we split the process into three, as follows:
  • Recruitment
  • Induction
  • Performance Management
  • We set about applying Lean Thinking aligned to the A&B strategy to improve how they were hiring, on-boarding and motivating high performing staff.
  • Poor performance controls due to a variation in measurement of Key Metrics.
Key Changes
  • Adams & Butler now have a working bespoke IT system (Nitro Tours) that reflects business needs and the customers experience
  • Real time metrics on the sales and back office functions are readily available increasing performance by 30%
  • HRM practices e.g. staff induction and quarterly reviews have been strengthened with a view to enhancing team morale and productivity
  • Communications with management and staff are clearer
  • Regular Staff engagement sessions outline company strategy and shared goals
  • Quarterly staff performance reviews are now in place
  • Our 2017 Revenue Target was increased by 61%. Growth in Q1 2017 is up 74% on the same period in 2016. The increase can be attributed to the following factors:
    • 20% achieved by the introduction of bespoke IT software i.e. Nitro Tours
    • 50% due to improved sales and marketing
    • 30% due to recruitment of new staff and better job fit. Our headcount today is 11.