Abrel Products was founded in 1994, and is head-quartered in Limerick, Ireland.  The company commenced operations manufacturing Burn-in Boards for reliability testing of Semiconductors.  This continues to be the core business for the company but over time the product range manufactured by the company has expanded to include Endzone Burn-in Systems, Bibtest55XL board testers and Socket test probes.

Company Name
Abrel Products

Raheen Business Park, Limerick


Service Provider
LBS Partners

Quote -The integration of a tracking system has helped with the movement of Product within the Production process. There are areas that require development to make the collection of data more accurate. Sales have increased and areas of deficiency have been identified as a result of the process.  

Lean Plus Project Objectives
  • Replace paper based wip tracking system with integrated live wip system.
  • Develop systems for key metrics in test and quality.
  • Implement use of PIT boards in production
Key Challenges

Technical integration of concepts into existing Tipsy system. It was challenging implementing change in the organization that is in high growth mode

Key Changes

Development of visual management system for job tracking and management of tasks associated with jobs. Development and implementation of digital PIT board for monitoring production attainment

  • Visual management system for WIP was fully implemented.
  • PIT boards were designed and implemented. Consistency of use needs to be worked on.
  • System for recording and reporting test yield was implemented