The European Patent Office (EPO), in close collaboration with renowned IP experts, has published a set of twelve case studies on a range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from across Europe including Irish Case Study Aerogen (Medical technology, Ireland) .

The studies show how companies can proactively adapt their IP strategy to real business needs, and illustrate the variety of approaches to and advantages of using IP. They also highlight the benefits that SMEs can expect from the planned Unitary Patent. This reform will offer businesses a simpler alternative to the existing system, and introduce a more cost-effective route to broad and uniform patent protection and dispute resolution throughout the participating EU member states.

Breathing new life into aerosol drug delivery

  • Customers, investors and partners consider it very important for a young company to have strong IP.
  • Company scale-up must go hand-in-hand with building the IP portfolio.
  • The successful commercialisation of an innovative technology requires a clear IP strategy that is aligned with other key functions of the business.
  • Competitor watches and patent searches are essential components of IP management.

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Source: European IPR Helpdesk