The Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 focuses efforts on fewer topics with bigger budgets, directly supporting the Commission’s political priorities. Four Focus Areas represent a combined budget of € 7 billion:

(i) Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future,

(ii) Connecting economic and environmental gains – the Circular Economy,

(iii) Digitising and transforming European industry and services, and

(iv) Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union.

The European Commission produced four dedicated booklets to bring together contributions from various programme parts to pursue a common objective and create sustained impact. They also include real examples demonstrating the added value of research and innovation.

The booklet related to focus area ‘Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future’ is available at: while the one on focus area ‘Connecting economic and environmental gains – the Circular Economy’ can be found at the following link:


Source: NCPs CaRE

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