The European Commission will present its review of the European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, documented as a Staff Working Document, and discuss its findings with stakeholders and policy makers.  Furthermore, the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel will present and discuss its Bioeconomy Manifesto, setting out a societal agenda for bioeconomy development.  These discussions will reflect both on the experiences gained over the past four years with Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, and on the possible need for new actions. Separate parallel sessions will follow immediately after the plenary session chaired by 9 relevant Directorates Generals, the co-signatories of the Bioeconomy Strategy.

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Date:                     16/11/2017

Venue:                 Brussels

Organiser:           European Commission

Details:                The event is an appropriate moment not only to announce the outcomes of the review on the Bioeconomy strategy presented in a Staff Working Document, but also and discuss how to move the Bioeconomy forward.


  • Present and receive feedback on the findings of the review of the Bioeconomy strategy
  • Raise awareness about the importance of an inclusive, widely shared agenda for Bioeconomy  that is responsive to societal needs and aspirations
  • Present points of interest and highlight synergies with the different Directorates Generals that have a bearing on Bioeconomy.