The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME) commissioned Royal HaskoningDHV to develop user friendly guidance and information materials which aim at facilitating the uptake of bio-based products as part of innovative products in procurement. This guidance draws on the broader objectives of the relevant European Policy Framework, such as the ‘Circular Economy Package’, ‘Bioeconomy Strategy’ and ‘Innovation Procurement’.

The guidance materials for bio-based products in procurement aims at helping procurers and other interested parties being informed about novel developments and staying innovative by supplying a training handbook, dynamic meta database and a brochure.

The guidance is developed for anyone implementing bio-based products in organisations or procurement. It is practical and contains case studies providing examples and ideas on the uptake of innovative bio-based products in procurement next to any other products. Included in the guidance are factsheets which contain detailed information on the high innovation potential of some bio-based product groups.

A ‘Handbook for Trainers’ was also developed aiming at enabling trainers to transfer the knowledge contained in the guidance to interested parties. The handbook addresses the content of the guidance but also provides practical advice such as the target group for the training and an appropriate set up of the training (i.e. number of trainees).

Anyone looking for more information about bio-based products or product groups will benefit from the Dynamic Meta Database developed as part of this project. This is because this database contains for different procurement sectors links to relevant bio-based product databases. Also links to other relevant information are available on the project website.

The guidance and supporting material has now been published and can be obtained from the following website:

More Information

A Guidance on Bio-based products in procurement

Product Factsheets

Source: PPI4Waste