The European Commission website “Take a Green Step “ presents a set of 28 best practices covering all different aspects of greening accommodation establishments or restaurants.

Best practices include:

  1. Minimising energy use
  2. Minimising water consumption
  3. Waste and waste water management
  4. Restaurants and hotel kitchens
  5. Campsites
  6. Cross cutting issues
  • More specifically, best practices on minimising energy use include:
  • Energy monitoring and management systems
  • Improved building envelope
  • Optimised HVAC systems
  • Efficient applications of heat pumps and geothermal heating/cooling
  • Efficient lighting and electrical equipment
  • Renewable energy sources

In the EC website at the link below, you can either download the full report or consult separate chapters.

The sectoral reference document (SRD), a concise summary of all best practices, is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Source: Build Up

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