Air Emissions Monitoring Guidance Note (AG2) Consultation

The Environmental Protection Agency first published its Air Emissions Monitoring Guidance Note (AG2) in 2007, with the aim of improving the quality of air emissions monitoring in Ireland. It was revised in 2014 to incorporate the requirements for mandatory accreditation, and it is now being revised again this year with the aim of continuing the improvement in the quality of air monitoring and air monitoring reporting.

The key proposed changes to AG2 include:

  • New mandatory accredited parameters;
  • New approach for speciated VOC analysis;
  • Restrictions on the use of electrochemical cells;
  • Mandatory use of calibration gases for FID calibration;
  • New approach to API monitoring;
  • A new section on the requirements for multiday monitoring campaigns;
  • New approach for volumetric flow monitoring;
  • Changes to the monitoring report format;
  • A new form for collecting process information;
  • Updates to the Index of Preferred Methods.

The EPA welcomes input from all stakeholders. Those wishing to comment on the proposed changes are encouraged to do so by emailing comments to AirThematic@epa.ie.

The closing date for comments is 5.00p.m. on Friday, 14 July 2017.

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