The Inaugural Lean, Productivity and Continuous Improvement Summit is being held on Jan 31st In Citywest Exhibition Centre.

The purpose of the event has a singular focus — Bring together 1000+ senior management from sectors such as Manufacturing, Food, IT, Retail, Hospitality and tourism, Utilities and energy, banking and Finance, Aviation, healthcare etc that have an interest in improving their business performance, productivity and cost performance.

Key topics will include:

Business transformation, Waste reduction, change management. lean sigma, leadership and culture, continuous improvement, reducing downtime, Data/ IT, decreasing workplace footprint, business excellence, production optimisation, sustainability, yield management, employee efficiency, process efficiency, quality management, skills and training, cost reduction, OEE, ERP, competitiveness, business intelligence, consumption reduction, inventory optimisation, manufacturing intelligence and much more.

The full agenda outlines the speaker line up, which is drawn from senior management of leading Irish and multinational companies that are leading the way in making their business more efficient and productive.

Source: Lean and Productivity 

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