A carbon neutral, energy positive wastewater treatment technology, developed by NVP Energy, a wastewater technology developed at NUI Galway and pioneered by ABP Food Group, is now being rolled out at food and beverage plants across the world.

As a leader in sustainability ABP saw the potential of NVP Energy’s ground-breaking Low Temperature Anaerobic Digestion technology and then embarked on a trial project at its Lurgan site to prove the energy positive waste-to-methane gas technology could be successfully deployed commercially.

ABP’s sustainability manager John Durkan, who oversaw the commissioning by NVP Energy of the flagship sludge-less wastewater treatment plant, said the NVP plant delivered solid, reliable performance right from the outset.

Mr Durkan pointed out that the NVP Energy has built up exceptional expertise in this ground-breaking anaerobic digestion technology and this experience and knowledge-bank led to them working with the company to deploy the full-scale system in Lurgan.

“ABP is always on the look out to support and enable innovative and technology driven projects that will solve problems, so this project ticked all our boxes. It’s carbon neutral, sustainable, odourless, cutting edge technology, low cost of treatment, no sludge production with clean waste water discharge. On top of that, it delivers high quality methane gas for use on site.”

“We are delighted to support home-grown Irish technology, spun out from one of our top universities. It’s great to be proven right as NVP Energy are now deploying the technology to other large blue-chip food and beverage companies,” he added.

The treatment plant at Lurgan processes the entire flow of wastewater produced on the site, turning that waste into biogas energy, ideally suited for heat and electricity generation, enough to offset ABP Foods’ gas usage on site by 40%.

NVP Energy managing director, Michael Murray, said “NVP Energy is delighted to work with a company of the calibre of ABP Food Group, as our technology is aligned with the company-wide ethos of ‘doing more with less.”

“ABP understood what we are about right from the start, and vice-versa. Their hard-won production experience and our technological know-how enabled a very successful partnership and project. Together, we ensured the project was a complete success and this has enabled NVP Energy go from strength-to-strength, while ABP Foods reap the benefits of an energy and cost-saving technology” added Mr Murray.

NVP Energy has created 10 full-time jobs as a result of the new commissions that the company has won on the back of the successful roll-out of its technology at ABP Lurgan. Now its systems are deployed and projects are active in dairy processing, brewing, malting and municipal applications.

In 2017, ABP Food Group became the first company globally to receive triple certification from the Carbon Trust for the third time. The Carbon Trust standard is the world’s leading independent certification of an organisation’s impact on the environment, and verifies operational implementation in the areas of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water use and waste output. The Carbon Trust has been working with ABP for over 6 years, as the company has striven towards excellence in its sustainability standards.

Source: ABP Food Group