The South East Lean Network helps public and private organisations from across all manufacturing and services sectors that have adopted or are adopting Lean Thinking & Practices to enable operational and enterprise excellence, and to sustain their competitiveness.

It facilitates knowledge exchange and networking via:

  • good practice visits, gemba walks, and peer benchmarking, and
  • the WIT Annual Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum and WIT Annual Lean Practitioner Seminar Series.


Please see below for further information on objectives and supports of the lean network


Upcoming events:

09th May – 7th Annual WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum This industry-academia conference focuses on best practices and cutting-edge developments in Lean enterprise, operational, and process excellence; Lean thinking and practices; and continuous improvement. It will be of interest to organisations of all sizes and from all sectors that have adopted or will adopt Lean thinking and practices to enable and sustain competitiveness in national and global marketplaces.

The Annual WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum is distinctive for featuring organisations of all sizes – from large Multinationals to SMEs and Micro Enterprises – as well as being distinctive for its diversity of presentations from public and private organisations across manufacturing, services, construction, and healthcare sectors.

Tickets are available here.


Objectives and Activities of the Lean Network:

  • Acts as a network broker for inter-firm site visits for firms within the region, plus for firms from outside the region visiting firms within the region.
  • Facilitates and brokers one-to-one, or one-to-many, focused mentoring and tutorial sessions.
  • Provides a forum for industry stakeholder engagement and collaboration which informs programme and module development, plus research, within and from the WIT Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence.
  • Provides a forum for industry engagement and collaboration regarding course and service offerings involving Regional Skills Forum, Skillnets, Chambers of Commerce, and Education Training Boards.
  • Facilitates alignment amongst and between all relevant stakeholders, including
    • Multinationals, SMEs, and Micro-Enterprises
    • Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, and Lean Business Ireland
    • Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs)
    • Education Training Boards (ETBs)
    • Regional Skills Forum
    • Skillnets
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
    • Lean Service Providers (Trainers & Consultants)
    • Lean Construction Ireland (LCi)
    • Construction Industry Federation (CIF)
    • Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE)
    • Irish Business & Employers Confederation (IBEC)