The Mid-West Lean Network launched in November 2016, was set up to strengthen and increase the existing culture of lean within the Shannon and the wider Mid-West region. Its aim is to enable each industry to broaden and strengthen their competitiveness through knowledge sharing and bench-marking against each other and different industries.

Mid West Lean Network Contact Form

Companies wishing to become a member of the Mid-West Lean Network should contact Shannon Chamber at to register their interest. Membership is free of charge.

Upcoming Events

 21st February: Workshop 1 – A3’s For Projects 

An A3 project will drive the project team to consider carefully these 4 main elements:

  1. The Problem statement – what is the pain being caused for the organization?
  2. The Gap – The distance from here to where you want to be.
  3. The Root Cause – What are the obstacles leading to the Gap
  4. The Countermeasures – What will you do to remove the root causes.

For full agenda and to register please click here.

14th March: Workshop 2 – Visual Management with Lufthansa Technik Shannon

Visual Management facilitates employee autonomy, serves to eliminate waste, fosters continuous improvement, allows for quick response & recovery, leads to information sharing, exposes abnormalities, maintains gains.

For full agenda and to register please click here.

03rd April: Workshop 3 – Value Stream Mapping with Molex Ireland

In order to create flow, we must first see it. One of the best tools to see flow is value stream mapping. This workshop will demonstrate the ways in which value stream mapping can aid visualization to allow us to map the flow of value from raw material to customer.

For full agenda and to register please click here.

09th May: Workshop 4 –Standard Work

The aim of this workshop is to provide an insight into how Standard Work is successfully developed, deployed and utilized throughout the final assembly processes at Ei Electronics. During the workshop presenters will provide an overview of the following points relating to Standard Work as applied at Ei Electronics

  • What is Standard Work.
  • How Standard Work has evolved and developed over the years.
  • Success stories and difficulties encountered using Standard Work.

For full agenda and to register please click here.

Further scheduled workshops for 2019 (dates to be confirmed):

  • Kata / Coaching
  • X Matrix, Hoshin Planning & Policy Deployment
  • Shingo Model / Guiding Behaviours
  • Using Data to Drive Business